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Get Your Groove On

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It's Me

All of My Life

All of My Life



An excursus of the saxophone from the early twentieth century to the present. Classical sax literature, tangos and original compositions expressly written by some of the most important Italian composers, are part of this extraordinary journey.

“.. Gianni Vancini, a revelation even for the classical repertoire, his lyricism is unique. The saxophone world needs his eclectic sound, his imagination, his great musical talent that, I am sure, will be also able to capture the interest of the youngest generations ..”

Angelo Gabrielli (saxophone teacher, AD of Stage Door)

“.. having collaborated with Gianni for such a long time, I can honestly say that he is absolutely unique in what he does. He can mix together Jazz and Classical music like no other ..”

Carlo Guaitoli (pianist)

“.. One of Gianni’s best qualities is his distinct ability to blend his classical background with such developed knowledge of American music ..”

Kirk Whalum (world renowned saxophone player)